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Sustainable dentistry: An urgent need for change


Santiago, Chile, Latin America


Dr Duane Brett
  • Associate Professor in Public Dental Health. Trinity College Dublin
  • He was the first to lead a team that tracked the carbon emissions of a dental service, one year after NHS England had mapped its carbon footprint.  He led a team of academics to produce seven thematic papers on sustainability in dentistry. 
  • His latest papers focus specifically on prevention and highlight the environmental benefits we can achieve through water fluoridation and the use of preventive fluoride programs. 
  • He has been invited to advise at various business meetings, to different societies, and has provided input to various universities to support their development of sustainability.  This input includes national dental associations (UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand), the Council of European Dentists, different international universities (Javeriana, Malmo, etc.), industry (e.g. GSK, BDIA, etc.).
  • With more published articles on sustainability in dentistry than any other author, he is considered one of the world leaders in sustainable dentistry


Colegio de Cirujano Dentistas de Chile

Learning objectives

  • Consolidate the College of Dental Surgeons of Chile, as a reference in the national dental network, on sustainability and environment in our professional practice.
  • Include and guarantee environmentally sustainable practices in quality, timely, safe and preventive dental care.
  • Generate coordination and interaction with local authorities to promote and facilitate activities related to sustainable development.

Local contact for registration and information

DRA Patricia Cuevas Rebolledo
Email: sustentabilidad.medioambiente@colegiodentistas.cl