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Periodontal Treatment with Lasers in Dental Practice

12th AIO International Congress


Chia, Sardinia, Italy, Europe


Assc. Prof. Kinga Grzech-Lesniak


Associazione Italiana Odontoiatri


The increasing number of periodontal infections, causes the negative impact on systemic diseases and evidence of complications during dental and implant treatment, highlight the need for dentists to search for cause-and-effect relationships to identify efficacious treatments.
To ensure long-term success and a highly predictable outcome of the treatments, dentists should be heedful of the first signs of inflammation and perform effective treatments. To achieve successful treatment, periopathogens need to be eliminated. Usually, conventional treatments are complemented with additional antibacterial therapy with the use of antiseptics or antibiotics. However, research has so far proven the efficacy of laser therapy, as an adjunct to the conventional treatment. Laser treatment is used for the decontamination of periodontal tissue and the cementum on the root surfaces. It is a non-invasive medical treatment as it relies on the strong bactericidal and detoxifying properties of the laser. 
During the lecture we will consider the novelty of using laser therapy in combination with antiseptics as an alternative treatment protocol.

Learning objectives:

  • To search for cause-and-effect relationships to identify efficacious treatments in periodontology
  • To discuss the efficacy of laser therapy
  • To facilitate the use of antibacterial therapies