Meet the FDI Smile Grant winners: recognizing innovative and sustainable projects

Congratulations to Stomatological (Dental) Association of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Philippines Dental Association for your winning projects. 

Say Nganda Project
Kyrgystan Project

The 2021 FDI Smile Grant winners were presented with their awards, through a special online ceremony, on 22 November. The grant, which is supported by Colgate, recognizes FDI member national dental associations (NDAs) that have developed sustainable, long-term community outreach projects to improve oral health in their countries.

Speaking at the ceremony FDI President Prof. Ihsane Ben Yahya said:

I commend the winners for their on-the-ground projects dedicated to improving the oral health status of people in their countries. Their local and innovative solutions bring us one giant step closer to reducing the burden of oral disease, especially in hard-to-reach communities.

Prof. Ihsane Ben Yahya

The winning NDAs were: the Stomatological (Dental) Association of the Kyrgyz Republic for its Shining Smile for the Child of Shining Glaciers Land project; and the Philippine Dental Association for its Say Nganga Project: Dental Mission For Tingguians project. Dr Gillian Barclay, Vice President, Global Public Health and Scientific Affairs at Colgate had the honour of presenting the awards.

Shining Smile for the Child of Shining Glaciers Land

This project involves school-aged children of two high-mountainous districts of Osh oblast – Alai district and Chon-Alai- district, and valley regions – Nookat- district. In Bishkek and Osh cities. The project takes place within maxillofacial surgery hospitals, and outpatient clinics to improve the accessibility of dental care for children with orofacial clefts. The purpose is to develop standards of care and improve access to treatment for these individual’s, ensuring coverage of the costs of oral healthcare, prosthetics and orthodontic support for children. Next year, the project will aim to develop an algorithm for multidisciplinary care, financial support for treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention.


Say Nganga Project: Dental Mission For Tingguians

The project envisions to achieve and safeguard the oral health of the Abrenios indigenous community through a sustained collaboration with community stakeholders. The indigenous people, particularly the Tingguians, believe that chewing the substance betel nut quid may keep the gums and teeth strong and at the same time prevent cavities.

Studies show that the practice of chewing betel nut quid is a risk factor for developing oral and oropharyngeal cancer, so this project promotes oral health awareness. For the next five years, the organization will cover more areas across the country, including central and southern Mindanao. Some of the betel-chewing populations include the Maranao, Maguindanao, Bagobo and Tausug groups from the southern part of the Philippines.

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The grant is included within the scope of the FDI Whole Mouth Health Project, which advocates globally to promote oral health literacy as an important element of everyday prevention. Launched by FDI in 2019 and supported by Colgate, Whole Mouth Health aims to empower practitioners to deliver personalized oral health education in a way people can understand and apply to their daily lives.

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