CE programme

Infections pay no respect to borders

Global Continuing Dental Education Programme 2021


New Delhi, India, Asia Pacific


Dr Wendy Thompson
  • Clinical academic general dentist. 
  • Research at University of Manchester (UK) is about antibiotic resistance (ABR) and urgent dental care. 
  • Lead author of FDI World Dental Federation's white paper on reducing ABR.
  • At International Association for Dental Research, launched early career researcher network on ABR.
  • At World Dental Congress, four sessions about both the impact of COVID-19 and ABR.


Indian Dental Association

Learning objectives

  • To assist global efforts to tackle antimicrobial resistance through local action
  • To introduce the three principles of tackling antimicrobial resistance by:
  • Highlighting how dental teams can raise awareness about untreatable infections
  • Demonstrating the importance of preventing and controlling infections
  • Exploring why dental teams overprescribe antibiotics and the impact of COVID-19