FDI calls on its members to Stand Up for Positive Practice Environments to strengthen the entire health sector

FDI calls for Stand Up for Positive Practice Environments

The World Health Organization estimates a shortage of 18 million health workers by 2030. This will lead to poorer health outcomes and severe impacts on health worker well-being, making this a deadly serious issue for health and development worldwide.

Why such a shortage of health workers?

While the reasons are complex, a prevailing factor is the poor quality of work environments that undermine health service delivery and drive health professionals away from their caregiving role.

What can we do?

As a proud member of the World Health Professions Alliance (WHPA), FDI urges health professionals, governments, policy makers, and community leaders, to Stand Up for Positive Practice Environments today. Positive Practice Environments are healthcare settings that support excellence and decent working conditions and have the power to attract and retain staff, provide quality patient care and strengthen the health sector as a whole.

The role of FDI member national dental associations

FDI member national dental associations are essential actors in the successful implementation of this campaign. As local, on-the-ground actors, FDI members are uniquely positioned to give power to the messages behind this campaign. After all, FDI’s members know better than anyone what’s going on in their local healthcare settings, and FDI relies on their actions to make a difference.

This campaign booklet explains the Stand Up for Positive Practice Environments campaign and provides the materials to activate the campaign at a local level. Suggestions are provided on how to use the campaign to mobilize members, the media and governments. Stand Up for Positive Practice Environments may already align with existing campaigns around health workforce issues and can become a part of existing efforts.

FDI urges its members to join in commitment and action to create quality workplaces for quality care – let us know how you plan to implement the campaign in your own setting!

Not sure where to start? Begin by watching the on-demand webinar: Beyond the Applause: Demanding supportive workplaces and conditions for our frontline professionals

On 6 November the WHPA, together with International Hospital Federation, hosted a webinar to launch the Stand Up for Positive Practice Environments campaign. FDI Executive Director Enzo Bondioni, along with the other four WHPA CEOs, talk about the importance of providing supportive workplaces and conditions for frontline professionals across all health sectors. Darren Brown, a physiotherapist with long COVID, also shares his experience and urges health professionals to rest, recover and pace themselves.


A full list of the campaign resources for Stand Up for Positive Practice Environments can be found here.

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