150 Session of WHO’s Executive Board (EB150)

FDI and IADR statement on EB150 Item 7 - NCD implementation road map 2023–2030

150th Session of WHO’s Executive Board (EB150) agenda item 7 on NCDs — (a) Draft implementation road map 2023–2030 for the global action plan for the prevention and control of NCDs 2013–2030

(Document EB150/7, Annex 1)

On behalf of FDI World Dental Federation, representing over 1 million dentists, and the International Association for Dental Research, representing over 10,000 researchers, supported by the NCD Alliance, we commend WHO for starting with the development of the NCD implementation road map 2023–2030 to advance the global action plan (GAP) for NCD prevention and control.

While we appreciate that the future road map is meant to focus on the existing NCD targets and the “4 by 4 NCD agenda”, the current outline stipulates that it will integrate all of WHO’s recommended interventions and technical packages on NCDs.

The updated Appendix 3 of the NCD GAP will also include “best buys” and other recommended interventions on oral health.

We therefore urge WHO to acknowledge oral health as a core element of the NCD agenda that the road map must also align with – in addition to mental health, neurology, air pollution, and eye, ear, and hearing care.

This will make the NCD response more comprehensive, unified, and coherent.