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Contribution on the dentist in treatment of sleep apnea: its reality in Africa

Moroccan Dental Exhibition and Congress


El Jadida, Morocco, Africa


Dr Selibouet Robert Amani
  • Associate Professor
  • Assistant prosthetic specialist
  • Specialist in dental biomaterials
  • Head of the prosthesis department Center for consultations and odonto-stomatological treatment CHU COCODY (Côte d’Ivoire)


Association Marocaine de Prévention Bucco-dentaire (AMPBD)


Sleep apnea is a major concern in Africa and a real public health problem in Côte d'Ivoire. Medical specialties try to bring solutions with very often mixed results.
In recent years, multidisciplinary consultations have highlighted the good results of mandibular advancement orthoses (MAO) which allow the progressive advancement of the lower jaw (mandible) and the tongue in order to clear the upper airway and facilitate the passage of air by eliminating the obstruction caused by the tongue.
After a review of the characteristics of sleep apnea, the prosthetic appliances that effectively contribute to the management of sleep apnea are described.
OAMs are custom-made dental appliances based on models of your teeth. They consist of aligners adapted to the teeth of each arch and articulated by a mechanism that allows a precise and progressive advancement of the mandible until a comfortable position that reduces apnea is obtained.
These appliances are primarily indicated for people with mild to moderate apnea. The appliance of choice for severe apnea patients remains the CPAP, but an advancement orthosis can be used as a complement in certain cases.
This sharing of Ivorian experience shows the interest to work for the good health of our patients through the multidisciplinary collaboration of specialists in health sciences first and any other discipline affecting health according to the actual concept: One health.

Learning objectives

  • Review the characteristics of sleep apnea
  • Explain the management   of sleep apnea 
  • Describe the prosthetic appliances involved in it


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