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Aio International Congress

The website of the AIO Italian Dental Association 11th International Congress “Focus on the gender shift in dentistry: A new perspective or a future challenge?" is open!

Everyone is invited to participate from 09-11 June 2022, in the charming seaside town of Chia on the paradise island of Sardinia, Italy, where the stage will be set to explore one of the most important changes within the profession today: the gender shift in dentistry.

Since the days of Lucy Beaman Hobbs Taylor, the first woman in history to graduate from a recognized dental school 154 years ago, the number of women in dentistry has greatly increased. In Europe, one in two professors in dental schools is a woman, and in many countries around the world, women now represent the majority of the total number of dental students. Women have also increased their presence in leadership roles, earning recognition in the top ranks of dental organizations and associations. And for the first time in the 717-year history of the Italian University La Sapienza in Rome, a female dentist, Antonella Polimeni, has taken on the role of chancellor. Women are making huge strides both inside and outside dentistry, impacting the profession like never before.

An exceptional congress with an incredibly rich program awaits you.

Chia Laguna
Viale Belvedere
Domus de Maria
Sardinia, Italy

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