World Oral Health Day

WOHD17 events map

Time to wrap up another successful World Oral Health Day campaign

03 April 2017

It was an intense week of celebrations across the globe as oral health enthusiasts mobilized to organize activities for WOHD.

Are people choosing to Live Mouth Smart? infographic

Truth or Myth? Global Survey for World Oral Health Day Exposes the Truth About our Oral Health Habits

20 March 2017

On the occasion of World Oral Health Day, we are revealing the results from a global survey carried out to determine people’s oral health beliefs and habits. The results exposed a significant gap between what people believe to be good oral health practices, versus what they actually do.

World Oral Health Day 2017

Celebrate World Oral Health Day this 20 March

09 March 2017

In a world where 3.9 billion people suffer from oral disease, raising awareness on the importance of good oral health and its impact on general health and well-being is more relevant than ever.

Hot to Live Mouth Smart: Your guide to good oral health (brochure)

Guidance for the 'dos and don'ts' of oral health

22 December 2016

FDI developed a new guide for the public on the ‘dos and don’ts’ of oral health, with special sections devoted to the oral health of women during pregnancy, children and seniors.

FDI unveils WOHD 2015 ‘Smile for life’ campaign in New Delhi

23 September 2014

FDI unveiled its World Oral Health Day (WOHD) 2015 campaign in New Delhi on 10 September, first at a luncheon, where campaign posters and other materials were on display, then at a special forum of FDI National Liaison Officers (NLOs

World Oral Health Day 2013: 40 days to create the buzz!

28 February 2013

FDI and its member national dental associations (NDAs) have 40 days to create the buzz around World Oral Health Day 2013 - but already the signs are good as countries line

World Oral Health Day 2013

17 January 2014

A day to remember