Member description

Associate Members are national dental associations which are recognized by FDI as significant representatives of the legal and certified dental profession in their own countries and which have fulfilled the requirements of membership but for reasons acceptable to FDI, do not wish to hold regular membership. This category of membership is not open to associations that are the sole representative national dental associations in that country. Such associations belong to the category of Regular Members. Membership of the association should be open to all dentists in the country and the association’s missions should be in line with those of FDI.

Associate Membership Benefits

  • The right of attendance of one representative to the General Assembly with the right to speak, but without the right to vote.
  • The right to attend the Congresses and other programmes of FDI under conditions designated by the Council.
  • The right to receive other membership benefits as designated by the Council.
  • The right to receive information about FDI and its programmes through publications and other media of the Regular and Associate Members.
  • The right to be eligible for election to the FDI Council and Committees.
  • The use of the FDI logo as prescribed.