14.01.2103 - FDI 2103 Istanbul: TDA taps into expertise of Turkish dentists practising overseas

26 November 2015

14 January 2013

FDI 2103 Istanbul: TDA taps into expertise of Turkish dentists practising overseas

Geneva, 14 January 2013: The Turkish Dental Association (TDA) is rounding off the scientific programme of the 2013 FDI Annual World Dental Congress in by tapping into the expertise of Turkish dentists working overseas.

It is also taking advantage of its prime geographical location astride Europe and Asia to organize a regional forum to look into the issue of preventive dentistry.

World resource
1650 newly-trained dental practitioners graduate each year after completing a five-year full-time education at one of Turkey’s 44 dental faculties. Some join the countries over 24,000 dentists in active practice, some opt for personal reasons to live and work overseas.

TDA has had the novel idea of inviting some back to be part of the FDI 2013 Istanbul scientific programme (see list in the Press Backgrounder) from countries as far afield as the United States, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.

“I am very excited to invite Turkish experts working overseas back to lecture at FDI 2013 Istanbul. I am sure the exchange of experience will be enriching for all congress attendees,” says TDA President Prof Dr Taner Yücel.

Regional event
Given Istanbul’s geographical location and the ‘bridging’ theme of the congress, TDA is also in the process of setting up a regional forum the title ‘Preventive Dentistry: Problems and Solutions - A regional perspective of Neighbouring countries.

”The regional forum should also prove a fascinating event for delegates from countries bordering on Turkey, with cultures and languages as varied as Armenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Iran and Syria,” comments Prof Yücel.

A new formula
FDI 2013 Istanbul is being planned and organized according to a new formula through which the local partner, this year TDA, plays a key and active role, enhancing the national and regional credentials of FDI’s landmark international event.

FDI 2013 Istanbul follows the highly-successful FDI 2102 Hong Kong, which saw record abstract submission (511 abstracts from 56 countries). Accepted abstracts were later published in a special supplement to the International Dental Journal, a first for FDI, which will be continued this year.

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FDI World Dental Federation serves as the principal representative body for over one million dentists worldwide. Its Annual World Dental Congress, held every year in different locations around the world, provides a unique opportunity for professionals and all other sectors related to oral healthcare to meet and learn from one another.

The Turkish Dental Association (TDA) is one of the most active professional associations in Turkey and it acts as the collective "voice" of nearly 24.000 dentists. It was founded on 7 June 1985 as a regulatory body for dentistry in Turkey. Its central office is located Ankara. Since TDA’s inception, it has made great strides forward in increasing health literacy in Turkey through the educational events it regularly organizes.

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