Serious risks to health/oral health

Smoking and the consumption of other tobacco products are serious risks to health and oral health. FDI is active in various aspects of tobacco control and promotes an active role of the oral health care team in this regard.

In this section you will find the role of FDI in the WHO Framework Convention for Tobacco Control (FCTC) as well as details about tobacco related news. The last section lists some basic facts about tobacco and oral health and provides links for further study.

In 2005, a Guide, was developed jointly by FDI and WHO. It provided tobacco facts, highlighted the involvement of FDI and WHO in tobacco control initiatives, discussed the role of dentists and other oral health professionals in tobacco control, examined the role of advocacy, and provided a number of wide ranging recommendations to move the tobacco control agenda forward.

The role of the dentist and the dental team

The oral manifestations of tobacco use are obvious to every patient and can be used for ad-hoc motivation in cessation counselling. The dentist and the whole team are in a unique position to provide advice, support or referral to specialist services for smoking patients. In most countries the role of the dental team is hugely underexploited and needs to be reinforced by appropriate measures at all levels, like:

  • A dental education that includes tobacco aspects and contributes to a changed role model
  • Training and capacity building of the oral health professionals team
  • Appropriate remuneration for tobacco cessation counselling
  • Strengthening of public health responsibility at individual and associations level
  • Increased advocacy for the important role of oral health professionals in tobacco control on all levels

FDI is providing the necessary leadership in this process by promoting teamwork and interdisciplinary approaches, adapted to the various settings in countries around the world. FDI is committed to collaboration with other health professions in this regard.

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