Celebrating the 2020 World Oral Health Day Award winners

30 July 2020
World Oral Health Day

FDI warmly congratulates all winners for their exemplary work and hopes that their efforts will inspire others to lead equally engaging campaigns of their own.

From strictly aesthetics to an integral part of oral health: A brief history of orthodontics through the ages

15 July 2020

While some might claim that the pursuit of straight teeth has been around since ancient times, the large-scale development of orthodontics started much later.

8 July webinar features oral health professionals from four continents currently confronting the COVID-19 pandemic

30 June 2020

Register for our FDI Oral Health Campus CE-accredited webinar on how dentistry has evolved throughout the pandemic.

Oral health and access to care under siege during COVID-19 pandemic

29 June 2020

The pandemic has severely disrupted dentistry services and access to care and has also fueled unhealthy eating and drinking habits. 

WHO mobile learning app on COVID-19 supports health workers around the globe

17 June 2020

The WHO Academy recently launched a mobile learning app that provides health workers with critical, evidence-based information and tools to respond to COVID-19. 

As COVID-19 shifts learning online, FDI supports parents and teachers with digital resources on oral health education

15 June 2020

More than 50 million school hours are lost each year because of poor oral health. FDI World Dental Federation supports teachers to integrate oral health into their lesson plans, with the aim to have healthier, happier children inside and outside the classroom.

FDI Webinar

FDI webinar on 25 June details path to optimal periodontal health

04 June 2020

Register for the CE-accredited webinar highlighting the latest research in periodontology and the essential steps in achieving and maintaining optimal periodontal health in patients.

2019 FDI Annual Report highlights successes and challenges for global oral health worldwide

10 June 2020

Read the 2019 Annual Report for full details on FDI’s annual events, oral health projects, advocacy agenda, scientific journal, membership details, financial statements, and a list of our partners.

FDI offers guidance to members, health authorities and dental teams in response to COVID-19

02 June 2020

FDI Council recently authored an official statement outlining key principles for dental practice and oral health promotion during the pandemic.

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World No Tobacco Day: FDI uses digital media to promote oral health and combat Big Tobacco online

31 May 2020

Tobacco is the leading preventable cause of death in the world today. FDI strives to combat the negative effects of tobacco and nicotine advertising by using digital communications and social media to promote oral health.