The road to optimal periodontal health: register for our second webinar in the three-part series

23 October 2020

A huge challenge facing general dentists today is how to successfully manage periodontitis patients to achieve predictable treatment outcomes and long-term health. Register today for our second FDI Oral Health Campus webinar on periodontal health in the three-part series.

FDI Webinar

FDI webinar on 25 June details path to optimal periodontal health

04 June 2020

Register for the CE-accredited webinar highlighting the latest research in periodontology and the essential steps in achieving and maintaining optimal periodontal health in patients.

Gum health expert Prof. Lijian Jin says no to bleeding gums on Gum Health Day

12 May 2020

The European Federation of Periodontology leads Gum Health Day every year. The 2020 campaign encourages people with bleeding gums to consult their dentist or pharmacist and encompasses dozens of activities in more than 40 countries across the world.

dental implant

Special issue on peri-implant diseases now available in the International Dental Journal

02 October 2019

Putting the spotlight on four papers, which aim to support general practitioners in preventing and managing peri-implantitis and other implant-related complications.

Key learnings from the GPHP 2019 follow-up survey on periodontal health

FDI survey anticipates more registered periodontal specialists and periodontology associations

21 August 2019

This prediction is part of a positive evolution of periodontal health awareness over the past two years as well as increasing continuing education opportunities made available by dedicated periodontology associations.

GPHP Task Team holding the publicaitons launched at GPHP session

GPHP experts host symposium at FDI WDC and introduce practical guide

06 September 2018

The Global Periodontal Health Project (GPHP) experts are hosting a symposium today at the FDI World Dental Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

dental implant

FDI takes on the challenge of peri-implant diseases through new partnership

06 June 2018

FDI and the International Congress of Implantologists aim to increase global awareness of periodontal health through the Peri-Implant Diseases Project.

90% of adults worldwide suffer from periodontal disease

New FDI white paper and advocacy toolkit address the global burden of periodontal disease

07 February 2018

As part of the Global Periodontal Health Project (GPHP), FDI has launched a 'White Paper on Prevention and Management of Periodontal Diseases for Oral Health and General Health' and 'Periodontal Health and Disease – A practical guide to reduce the global burden of periodontal disease' to continue bringing attention to periodontal health as a priority area for policy worldwide.

GPHP survey

Survey shows less than half of NDAs monitor and evaluate periodontal disease

01 November 2017

While some National Dental Associations (NDAs) have a national monitoring and evaluation plan of periodontal disease, survey highlights gap.