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2019 FDI Annual Report highlights successes and challenges for global oral health worldwide

10 June 2020

Read the 2019 Annual Report for full details on FDI’s annual events, oral health projects, advocacy agenda, scientific journal, membership details, financial statements, and a list of our partners.

FDI offers guidance to members, health authorities and dental teams in response to COVID-19

02 June 2020

FDI Council recently authored an official statement outlining key principles for dental practice and oral health promotion during the pandemic.

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World No Tobacco Day: FDI uses digital media to promote oral health and combat Big Tobacco online

31 May 2020

Tobacco is the leading preventable cause of death in the world today. FDI strives to combat the negative effects of tobacco and nicotine advertising by using digital communications and social media to promote oral health.


FDI welcomes WHO resolution on COVID-19 but highlights the need to protect dental teams

25 May 2020

FDI welcomed the resolution on the COVID-19 response at the 73rd WHO World Health Assembly and put forward some key recommendations to support member states in mitigating the impact of the pandemic.

Gum health expert Prof. Lijian Jin says no to bleeding gums on Gum Health Day

12 May 2020

The European Federation of Periodontology leads Gum Health Day every year. The 2020 campaign encourages people with bleeding gums to consult their dentist or pharmacist and encompasses dozens of activities in more than 40 countries across the world.

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International Dental Journal celebrates 70th volume with a special issue on an oscillating-rotating electric toothbrush with micro-vibrations

06 May 2020
Scientific journals

Seventy volumes later, the journal continues to publish cutting-edge content for the oral health community.

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FDI's World Dental Development Fund now accepting applications that focus on COVID-19 response

01 May 2020

Apply by 15 June 2020 for FDI’s World Dental Development Fund. Funding guidelines were recently amended to include projects on the COVID-19 response.  

Palestinian Dental Association champions access to dental care for migrants living in Greece

21 April 2020

The Palestinian Dental Association is working together with the Health-Point Foundation to provide urgently needed dental care to people living in Athens, Greece, as well as the Moria migrant camp on Lesvos island.


World Health Professions Alliance calls for G20 action to secure personal protective equipment for health personnel

15 April 2020

In an open letter to G20 leaders, the five WHPA presidents call for coordinated action to secure the PPE supply chain for health workers battling COVID-19 worldwide.

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Study protocol seeks to measure the impact of Brush Day & Night 21-day toothbrushing programme in schools

14 April 2020
Scientific journals

The study protocol seeks to provide evidence that the 21-day toothbrushing programme in schools is effective and encourages parents and carers to improve their oral health habits too.