International Dental Journal impact factor increases for 3rd straight year

04 July 2019 Scientific journals

FDI is pleased to announce that the 2018 Impact Factor for the International Dental Journal (IDJ) is 1.628, an increase from 1.389 in 2017. The journal’s ranking in the Dentistry, Oral Surgery, and Medicine category in 2018 is 45/90, a jump of 10 positions from 2017.

What is the Impact Factor?

The Impact Factor of a journal is a measure reflecting the yearly average number of citations of recent articles published in that journal.

"In 2018, the IDJ Impact Factor markedly increased and moved up 10 positions on the Impact Factor rankings list for journals in the Dentistry, Oral Surgery, and Medicine category. Any movement on this list is gradual, as it takes time to change perceptions, to attract outstanding and well-cited authors, and then have the research community read and cite papers in the Journal. We still have work to do and will continue to improve, but this is excellent news."

An increase in readership and articles

Article downloads increased by over 13% in 2018, reaching close to 100,000. This is more than twice the average increase in downloads for other Wiley journals in the Dentistry, Oral Surgery, and Medicine category. The steady annual increase in readership reflects growing interest and greater visibility for the IDJ within the oral health community.

The IDJ increased its number of published articles from 50 to 56 in 2018. Attracting high-quality submissions is an encouraging trend that bolster’s FDI’s voice and legitimacy in the scientific community.

The scientific voice of dentistry

The International Dental Journal (IDJ) is FDI's primary scientific publication. Published every two months, the IDJ features peer-reviewed articles relevant to oral health

worldwide. The articles focus on practice-related research, international public health, and interprofessional education and practice. The IDJ also publishes concise reviews that

synthesize the state of the science on pertinent issues for oral health professionals.

In line with FDI’s mission to promote information transfer and knowledge sharing, the IDJ offers open access to a select number of articles in each edition. The Journal also publishes online supplements and virtual issues that are freely available.

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