The relevance of the Vision 2020 messages

01 February 2013

FDI President-Elect addresses launch of LLL in Myanmar

In a recent address FDI President-Elect Dr. Tin Chun Wong stressed the relevance of  the FDI’s Vision 2020 messages on education, research, socio-economic dynamics and the role of health care professionals and, in particular, that landmark document’s focus on immense disparities in access to oral health care.

Speaking at the launch event of the Live.Learn.Laugh, FDI-Unilever partnership in Yangon, Myanmar, on 24 January, she cited dentist-to-population ratios varying between 1: 20,000 to 1: nearly 74,000 in the single region of South East Asia.

Reducing inequalities
She said that the new model of oral care outlined in Vision 2020 “calls for effective promotion of good oral health and an inclusive model involving all stakeholders.

“This, we feel, better positions our profession to address the burgeoning demand of governments and NGOs for constructive solutions to reduce social inequalities in oral health and to assist the public in achieving health through good oral health,” emphasised Dr Wong.

10,700 children and patients
Estimates suggest that LLL projects underway in Asia will reach at least 10,700 children and patients.

“We are looking forward to seeing a change in oral health habits of the populations who have received the LLL oral health message and education from our dedicated LLL projects,”

“We believe that, working directly with the national dental associations in the LLL Partnership, FDI is actively implementing its vision of ‘leading the world to optimal oral health’,” concluded Dr Wong

Importance of oral health
The LLL partnership there is being carried out by the Myanmar Dental Association and local Unilever brand Signal to promote good oral hygiene in Myanmar.

According to local commentators, Dr Wong’s presence at the event highlighted the importance of oral health in Myanmar and FDI’s mission to improve the oral health of local people.

While in Yangoon, Dr Wong also gave a number of media interviews and attended the 33rd Myanmar Dental Conference & 14th FDI-MDA Joint Educational Meeting.

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