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02 January 2013

Vision 2020: help shape the future of oral health!
As of 1 January 2013, FDI will be offering annual membership in its groundbreaking Vision 2020 project. Participating companies will have the right to one representative as a full time member of the Vision 2020 Global Task Team.

Vision 2020 was adopted by the FDI General Assembly in Hong Kong in late August: its aim is to ‘shape the future of oral health' and provide inspiration to dental leaders in defining strategy and setting policy. It identifies five key areas of priority:
1. Meet the increasing need and demand for oral healthcare;
2. Expand the role of oral healthcare professionals;
3. Shape a responsive educational model;
4. Mitigate the impacts of socio-economic dynamics;
5. Foster fundamental and translational research and technology.

The Vision 2020 Global Task is also currently examining ‘Sustainable dentistry' as a priority worthy of consideration

Vision 2020 Corporate Partners will be considered as full-time members of the Global Task Team and will have the same prerogatives than non-industry representatives. Even at this early stage the project is finding favour, with one international company working in the field of oral health already on board,

Find out how Vision 2020 can enhance your contribution to shaping oral health over the next decade, serve as a vehicle to open and develop new markets, and provide support to the growth of the dental industry. Contact Emmanuel Chevron, FDI Associate Director/Business Development and Corporate Relations at echevron@fdiworldental.org or call +41 22 560 8144.

World Oral Health Day: become a global partner!
FDI is set to open a number of new and targeted sponsorship opportunities to enable its coporate partners to join the World Oral Health Day (WOHD) initiative at international level. As of 2013, WOHD will celebrated on 20 March each year. For WOHD 2013, a ready-to-use WOHD toolkit is currently under development, ready for distribution to national dental associations in December.

The shift in date from 12 September—anniversary of FDI founder Charles Godon— follows a FDI Hong Kong 2012 General Assembly decision to revise the WOHD Policy Statement adopted in Dubai in 2012. Despite its success as a national event—for example, in association with the ‘Healthy Smiles' initiative in New Zealand—WOHD 12 September proved to be too close to the Annual General Meeting for FDI to fully exploit its potential as a global communications tool for oral health.

With the new date, a new logo and ample build-up time, WOHD offers FDI and its corporate partners a new tool to build awareness around oral health. Now, dental practitioners, business, policymakers and members of the general public will be able to rally around a single, global theme which, coupled with customized local and national activities, will be a veritable call to action to reduce the social burden of oral disease.

Let's talk about about how a WOHD partnership with FDI fits into your corporate strategy. Contact Emmanuel Chevron, FDI Associate Director/Business Development and Corporate Relations at echevron@fdiworldental.org or call +41 22 560 8144.

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