2014 World Oral Health Forum

New Delhi, India

Session: Challenges of oral healthcare in an ageing society

Population ageing is one of the biggest demographic transitions the world has ever faced. Application of preventive and restorative oral care measures have resulted in longer survival of people’s teeth. However, old age may be accompanied by declining health and impairments, which can have a negative impact on their oral health status. The dental profession faces a growing number of old people with deteriorating teeth and with the challenge of finding appropriate oral care measures and treatment for these people. The panel explored how the dental profession and the industry can address these issues and how can oral health be better integrated in general health.


  • Robert Beaglehole – Principal Dental Officer, Nelson Marlborough District Health Board / Tobacco Control Advisor, New Zealand Dental Association


  • Frauke Müller – Professor, University of Geneva
  • Mahesh Verma – President, Indian Dental Association
  • Kakuhiro Fukai – Director, Japan Dental Association
  • Michael Glick –  Editor, Journal of the American Dental Association / Chair, FDI Vision 2020 Task Team
  • Christian Brutzer – President, International Dental Manufacturers and Ivoclar Vivadent Corporate Management

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