Guidelines on Quality Education Programmes for FDI CE Events

When organizing a continuing education (CE) programme, there are certain guidelines that should be followed by:

  • NDAs;
  • FDI Regional CE programmes;
  • World Dental Congress Scientific Programme; and
  • Invited speakers.

These guidelines cover the topic, content, speaker, audio-visual, sponsorship, and additional requirements for CE programmes.

1. Topic

  • Relevant to clinical practice;
  • Basic scientific research with potential relevance to clinical applications;
  • Suitable for general practitioners.

2. Content

  • Up-to-date presentation materials with best-available scientific evidence;
  • Contemporary clinical case presentations where appropriate;
  • Organized and structured presentation;
  • Learning objectives need to be achieved with clear take-home messages;
  • Proper disclosure with informed consent when necessary.

3. Speaker

  • Experienced in giving presentations, preferably globally;
  • Excellent English skills (except for local programmes);
  • Articulate, with excellent communication skills;
  • Knowledgeable on the topic of presentation;
  • Has published on topic of presentation (preferred);
  • Able to engage the audience;
  • Adheres to time limits;
  • Allows time for questions and answers;
  • For newly nominated speakers not known to the organizer, consider a 3-minutes sample video of a his/her presentation.

4. Audio-visual

  • Interesting to the audience;
  • Illustrates the point being made;
  • High-quality AV materials.

5. Sponsorship

  • Discloses of any commercial sponsorship;
  • As much as possible, avoids mentioning of any commercial products directly;
  • Makes no attempt to advertise or sell any specific products.

6. Additional requirements for programmes other than lectures

  • Workshop for small group
    • Well-organized with necessary equipment, instruments and materials available;
    • Well-prepared handouts.
  • Seminar style programmes: Panel and Forum session, Year-in-review, Meet the expert, etc.
    • Appropriate room arrangement;
    • Ample time allowed for questions and discussion;
    • Interactive format if possible.
  • Live demonstration
    • Good audio-visual set up for close up view.